Embracing Purity

Hello Daughters of Vision!

I wanted to let you know that I wrote an article on purity for Loving The Lord Ministries and it will be published today! I hope and pray that the Lord will use this article to encourage and strengthen you in your walk of purity!

Click on this link: beautifultogod.blogspot.com

May The Lord richly bless your day!


Washington on the Brazos

Life has been moving along for us, as busy as ever. When you've been gone from the blog for so long what do you post about? Well, we came across some pictures from our trip to Washington on the Brazos that we thought we'd share.
This is the exact spot along the Brazos river where the Texas Declaration of Independence was signed on March 2, 1836.

Would you believe that we visited at the beginning of February in order to beat the heat?
The weather was beautiful, sunny and cool.

I practiced balancing cotton in a basket on my head just in case I ever need this skill.

Resting after a long, long walk to see the famous La Bahia pecan tree which is believed to have been a seedling when all these events took place around 1830. (We took a wrong turn and so it was a really,really long walk!)
The tree's nearest relative lives 900 miles away in Mexico, so the seed must have traveled up the La Bahia road long ago.

Elizabeth, brushing up on her laundry skills just in case our washer ever goes out on us!

This was the home of Dr. Anson Jones, the last president of the Republic of Texas.
He lived here with his wife and four children.

We practiced some of the games of that time and found out they are a lot of fun!
This game is called Graces.

Here is one of the bedrooms. The curtains were typically nailed to the wall in pretty little pleats,
making it easy to change them out from the heavy winter drapes.

Another game involved keeping the hoop rolling.
Elizabeth has the energy and coordination to keep it rolling!

We enjoyed a long talk with this young lady. She is very knowledgeable
and lives daily at the house working in all the same ways as the family would have in 1830.

There wasn't much sign of winter this year so the flowers were blooming already.
We were tired out as we headed home but enjoyed a meaningful day reliving part of our state and country's history.
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A Wrapped Up Christmas!

Hello everyone! We praise the Lord for a wonderful blessed Christmas season as well as a bright beginning to the new year 2013.

Late December, before Christmas, our dad decided to surprise us with a special Christmas outing.
We were able to get all dressed up and enjoy a delicious dinner out and a beautiful Christmas musical performance.

Lexi is doing very well and getting more and more easy to live with as days go by.
She is already 2 and 1/2.

We were blessed once again by our Christmas eve candlelight service at our church.

Joseph gave a very rich talk based on the hymn, "Who is He in yonder stall?"

I sang "Mary did you know?" and Elizabeth agreed to portray Mary for me.
She acted out Mary as she held (Jesus) a baby doll.
When I would sing a phrase such as "When you kiss your little baby, you've kissed the face of God"
then she leaned down and kissed the baby on the head. It was very, very touching and gave the song a real new meaning.

Our beautiful Christmas tree...

and delicious, festive and fun Christmas breakfast! I got these ideas off of Pinterest.

For Christmas we gave my dad a really fun gift. Can you guess what is inside?

You guessed it, a Red Ryder B.B gun!!! :-)

He was very surprised and was a willing sport to go out for a family competition.

Yes, even mom participated and joined in the fun!

Here I am shooting and knocking over 3 metal cans stacked up.

Way to go Lizzy!

Christiana came to see us for Thanksgiving and I just thought that I would add a couple of pictures of her to show you all how she is growing. By the way, I am in love with the red hair. This is new in the family but oh so pretty!

Lizzy is in love with her new little niece. Can you believe that this is the age that I was when Lizzy was born? I looked just like her and she looked just like Christiana, only with brown hair.

Where does time go?
James 4:14
"What is your life? It is even a vapor, that appears for a little time and then vanishes away."
Blessings on this new year.
~Kelly Anne

My Precious Baby Christiana


(to be continued...)

Welcome Autumn!

Hello and welcome to the farm on this beautiful, blustery autumn day!

We had the special opportunity while we were up north, to go to a fall festival!

Such special memories, walking around, looking at all of the beautiful pumpkins,squash and gourds of all different varieties...

 drinking hot apple cider, visiting with friends, riding the hayride...and watching the children ride their own little ride...

 picking apples...

 and best of all going through the corn maze! :-)

Last year we went through the giant corn maze, but what we didn't realize is how very challenging it would be...We wound up being in there for 2 hours or more trying to find our way out! The corn was so thick that we couldn't escape even when we wanted to!!! Poor Stephen also made the mistake of waiting until after the corn maze to go buy his pumpkin doughnuts...his stomach was growling for them which made him even more anxious and determined to find his way out...which was a very LONG journey!!! :-)

I want to share with you  Ecclesiastes 3:1-2
To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted...
Just recently, a little over a month ago while we were gone, we received word that a dear young man, a friend of ours who was only 20 was killed in a car accident. I was devastated and heartbroken.
Here we were getting ready to welcome my precious niece into the world and then to realize that someone so young and in the prime of his life had been taken from us so suddenly.

The Lord brought this verse to me and it helped me to put things into perspective a little more...with the harvest season upon us...such a beautiful analogy...
I will let you all read for yourselves the rest of Ecc 3, but will close with verse 11a,
 ~He hath made everything beautiful in His time.

Blessings, Kelly

Christiana's First Day Out!

Christiana attended her first church service last Sunday but she didn't get a lot out of it because she looked just like this through the whole service! :) 

The very happy family of four!
A boy for me, a girl for you, praise the Lord, we pray we're not through!!! :-)

Psalm 118:23-24
This is the Lord's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.
This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

Tara is such a good mother and an excellent example for Elizabeth and I.

I am so grateful for my precious little nephews and neices.

We are so grateful that Elizabeth has the opportunity to be a little "mama".
It is rather interesting that she is about the same age difference from Christiana, as I was from her when she was born. I remember all the joy it gave me to care for her.

Our time was filled with so many blessings. One of the special blessings was the opportunity to spend some time with our friend Lauren.
It was so encouraging to spend time with a fellow dear sister in the Lord.
May the Lord continue to richly bless you and guide you Lauren.

We came back with so many fond memories that we will treasure always.
Blessings to everyone,
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