17,155 Days Left!!!

I was reading Psalm 90 this morning in my quiet time and was challenged by verse 12! "So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom."
If we live 70 years on this earth, (vs.10) that equals 25,550 days. I calculated how many days I have already lived so far...8,395 days! That means that I have 17,155 days left! This was a sobering thought and it really put things into perspective for me. Verse 12 really sunk deep into my heart. "Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom."
Are we applying our hearts unto wisdom? Or are we wasting time...? We have been created for such a time as this...we each have a special design and purpose! Life is not a game and we should take it very seriously. A lot of the time I find myself doing "good" things...but are they taking place of the BEST things? This is a continual challenge for me!

Let's start today and live in the light of eternity! This world is not our home we're just a passing through!!!

Rejoicing In Him,


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Tara! What a perspective the actual number of our days can give. And even tomorrow isn't for sure. My Jesus, teach me to count the days, and make the days count.


Anonymous said...

Hey Tara!! Your site looks great! The podcast is awesome!! Thank you so much for the great chat on Sunday...I enjoyed it so much!

Keep the Son in your eyes!!!


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