"That's Why God Gave Me Daughters!"

I remember when my wife first told me we were going to have a child! I don't recall really being set in my mind on whether I wanted a boy or a girl, and since it was up to God anyway, I just wanted a healthy one with toes and fingers and parts all in the right places. God surprised us with a little girl and since that time, has continued to surprise me with 4. I really love the reaction I get when I tell people that I have 4 daughters!

Growing up, I spent quite a bit of time outdoors and loved hiking, scuba diving, rock climbing, snow skiing (I wanted to be a full-time ski instructor) and travel. Marriage itself has a way of altering the things you liked to do when you were single but not as drastically as when you have "daughters". As a man, totally surrounded by the female gender(and I might add secretly loving it as well), I feel qualified to share what this experience has taught me and what I have learned along the way. Here is my list and certainly in no particular order.

  1. I have learned to cross-stitch. Yes, I have several that I have done and have them framed hanging in the house. I don't do so much any more, but could if the gang got interested in it again!
  2. I have learned to have a "small" appreciation for girl movies. I really like "Anne of Green Gables" and have enjoyed "Sense and Sensibility" but my favorite is "Pride and Prejudice". I don't think I will ever understand the need to cry at the end of some of these movies and never will understand why someone would watch a movie that they "knew" in advance how it would end and still cry!
  3. I used to be a "yeller". Yes I know that it wasn't right but I couldn't help myself. My mother was a yeller so I got the gene honestly. Girls don't need you to yell at them to cry... all it takes most of the time is a "mean" look to get the tears to flow. I'm a lot better at not yelling but still find the urge to do it occasionally... just to see if it still produces tears. So far it does!
  4. I tie the best bows in my house!
  5. I've got the girls to understand that "chefs" don't have to clean the dishes. Of course, I hardly ever wash a dish, but when I cook dinner, I get the night off.
  6. Girls give the best back rubs and if you spread the responsibility around, you get more of them at greater frequency. Little girls can be taught at an early age and are quite good at it and have to spend longer doing it because you still have "power" over them!
  7. I don't think boys would ever run out to the driveway and hug and kiss their dad when he comes home...but girls do.
  8. My middle name is "Daddy-Fix-It". I can fix anything and when I do, the accolades are amazing. If that doesn't build your ego, nothing on the planet will.
  9. You get the nasty task of cleaning out the bath tub drains when they don't drain so well. Every time this happens, I am sure that one of my girls has been flushed completely down the drain and all that is left is her hair. Girls sure do shed a lot!
  10. I have never shopped for and bought so many dresses in all my life!
  11. Girls need a lot of "stuff"!
  12. All of the women in my life can talk with each other and with me and still listen to all of the conversations happening within a 20 foot radius around us at the restaurant we are eating at.
  13. Girls learn to "bat" their eyes at you when they want something!
  14. They learn very quickly how to position the way they speak about something they bought by telling me how much they "saved" me!
  15. They are the greatest creatures on the planet.
My life will always be defined by the women who have surrounded me. Who I am has been shaped and molded by my wife. What I have become has been directly influenced by my girls. If anyone ever tells you that children are a burden, don't listen to them for they speak in error and have never experienced the joy I have. My girls have brought me continual joy and have in turn caused all of the rough edges in my life to be exposed and trimmed. I guess that's why God gave me daughters!

For His Glory,


Katrina said...

Mr. R - you never cease to make me laugh! Thanks for the chuckles today, especially as I envisioned the girls disappearing down the drain and leaving behind only hair. :) You have a great way of sharing insights while being funny... I think my dad could relate to a lot of what you are saying - especially learning to develop a "small" appreciation for girl movies.
Keep up the great fathering! The rest of us sure do appreciate your daughters. :-)

Tara said...

Dear Daddy,

I love you so much and I praise the Lord for giving you to me as my father! Your post brought tears to my eyes...Thanks Dad...thank you for everything!!!

Love, Your Daughter Tara

Anonymous said...
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