Why "Daughters of Vision?"

A few years ago God really began to put Proverbs 29:18 on my heart! "Where there is no vision, the people perish." He began to show me the reality of this verse...that it didn't say "might" perish...just plainly "the people perish."
This verse really sunk deep in my heart and I realized that without vision in my life GOD said that I would perish. It seems like there are so many that mope around and complain because they have nothing to do. May I tell you this is exactly where the enemy wants you to be? In your self pity and despair. He knows that the day you catch God's vision for your life, he has lost.

I used to be one of these people that I am talking about, until I learned the importance of having vision...God's vision for every area of my life!

My desire for this blog is to encourage you and help guide you to fully embrace the vision and plan that God has specifically designed for you!!!!

God's blessings!



This blog is the place where four sisters share the ways that God is working in their lives.

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