No Matter What!

I would like to pass along some advice that my precious mother shared with me because it has completely changed my life!

"Tara, do what is right no matter what! Even if you don't feel like it, want to, or even understand it. If God says it in His Word, just do it and you will receive blessings!"

Ladies, I can not tell you what this has done for me! I used to have little debates you might say with the enemy, that went something like this: "It's not that bad" "Just this once?" "Should I or shouldn't I?"

This new truth that God gave me, through my wonderful mother, has taken all of this away! The debates have left and now there is simply obedience to my faithful and loving Savior!

Don't miss a minute of this wonderful life that God has given us! Let's just obey Him and do what He says no matter what!

Have a wonderful evening,


Anonymous said...

Hi Tara!

How are you? I haven't spoken with you in a while! How was the Maiden's Quest in Seattle? Are those pics from the beach in Seattle also? It looks like you, Katrina, Kelly, and Katelin had a wonderful time there! Are you going to hold another Maiden's Quest here in Texas anytime soon? If so, I would love to go! I always have fun meeting other girls and listening to your stories and speeches! Let me know! I'll talk to you soon! :-)


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