How Can I Bless Others?

My mother came up with this great idea for how we can bless those that need encouragement, or maybe just need something to brighten up their day. This gift just shouts "I love you!" They are gift baskets. We made one for an elderly woman at our church and put pampering items in her basket: Lotion, bees wax candles, soap, etc... The next one we made for a friend who was recovering from surgery. You can make one for new mothers, expecting mothers, wisdom teeth patients :-) or try one that has a theme. You could do a strawberry theme and put strawberry lotion/body spray, a strawberry towel, and then bake some strawberry shortbread to put in it too! You will not only bless those that receive it but you will be blessed also! Can't wait to hear how goes!



Quinn said...

what a great idea! i will probably be doing that sometime!!!
~~Quinn Emery

Tara said...

Dear Quinn,

It was so good to hear from you my friend! The baskets really are blessings to all who receive them! They are also so much fun to put together!

Have fun,


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