Encouraging Comments!

I was sooo encouraged by the comments on the post entitled, "Good Morning" that I just had to post them! Please read and be encouraged too!

Anonymous said...

As I was reading scriptures this morning, I kept seeing "Creator" over and over again. I was thinking what that word meant...a person that creates. What did God create? Everything! If God made everything then we must take care of what God said was "good" - like our planet and bodies. According to the Bible, God created us in His own image and our bodies are temples...therefor, we should treat it as such - a holy temple. First by what we feed our bodies, and then by what we listen to, watch and read...after all, our eyes, ears, and brain are part of our body.
We must also take care of the planet in which God gave us dominion over - which we are not! Recycle is a very easy thing to do to show respect to several generations. The soil that grows the good food is being polluted as is our water.
I could go on and on but all of you are smart enough to know what I am talking about. Our Creator made everything and said it was good - let us honor and respect that by taking care of temple and planet.
Thank you for so many wonderful posts! It is such an encouragement. I share what you say with each one of my friends - believers, strugglers and atheists.
May the Lord continue to bless each and everyone!!

Anonymous said...

I have been in prayer about how to stop walking in the flesh and walking more in Christ-love. I prayed this morning again for help and guidance....my Bible fell open to John, chapter 3. As I read the opened passages, my answer came to me, thank you LORD!!! Verse 30 simply states "He must increase, but I MUST decrease." There was my answer - clear as day. My focus must be constantly on HIM! Every moment of every day so the my flesh decreases and He increases! Praise the Lord for His wisdom He so graciously bestowed upon me.

Anonymous said...

I am doing a 90-days through the Bible plan and today I read from Exodus. (I just started) It is exciting to see God's plan to preserve Israel all the way!



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