Modest Clothing Ideas!

Dear Daughters of Vision,

We are so excited to get our very first post on this new topic, out on the blog!

The reasons for this new addition are many:

We want to provide inspiration for those of you, who have recently committed to modest, God honoring clothing! At the beginning of such a journey, it can be hard sometimes to know where to find modest items to wear or how to be creative.

We also desire to provide fresh encouragement, to those of you who have been on this path for a long time! We hope you will be strengthened to keep doing what's right in the area of dress!

As we (Tara, Kelly and Elizabeth) come across modest apparel, our desire is to make you aware that the items are available in the stores near you!

The following pictures are of a skirt I (Tara) found at Kohl's! When I went to visit my sister, Kristen, I found the same skirt in Washington and Idaho!

My we all continue to strengthen and encourage each other to stay the course of modesty and press on, as we swim up stream, against our culture and times of our day!

May God strengthen your hearts today,
Tara, Kelly, and Elizabeth


Kate Bridges said...

Thanks so much for the encouragement! The skirt is beautiful! We are all contemplating a trip to Khol's over here... :)



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