Thank You!

Dear Daughters of Vision,

Thank you so much for praying with me for Amy! I had such a special time on the plane praying for her and knowing many other girls too! What an encouragement you were to me! The response to this need was absolutely amazing! Here is a note of gratefulness that she sent and I wanted to make sure all of you received it! - Tara

Dear Tara and all who prayed for me,

I want to thank you SO VERY MUCH for your prayers!!! I really don't know how I can thank you enough or tell you how much it means to know that my precious family in Christ (including those I have never met) are holding me up in prayer! The Lord has answered in such sweet ways and I could really feel the prayers (which I so needed)! It has been an amazing journey. Yes, it has been painful, but oh, the Lord is doing such beautiful things through this time... I could share story after story of His faithfulness! He is so GOOD, all of the time! Truly, He is the greatest treasure of all - As long as we have Him, we have all we need! I am on the road to recovery now. A few more weeks of healing and resting to go! Thank you SO much for holding me up! I am asking the Lord to bless you all in rich ways!

With love and gratefulness in our amazing Savior,
Amy - Psalm 116:1-9



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