Oh Elizabeth, you look so nice with the ladies!
I guess Kelly and Elizabeth acted up while they were in Williamsburg :-)
This gentleman is teaching Elizabeth how to greet one another with a bow and a curtsy!
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HA! The stocks are hilarious! "The Gentleman" seems to be a nice old fellow. :) We'll have to do Jamestown this year sometime...

Kelly said...

The stocks were sooooo uncomfortable!!!! I am so glad that I
didn't live in that time period. Not that I would get that punishment of course! :) LOL! Y'all should go to Jamestown! It is so much fun and very educational! You should do Williamsburg too!

Evann said...

*Laughs* That picture with you guys in the stocks is SO funny!! :D

I'm glad you had a great time!

(Love the pic with Elizabeth and the ladies...her dress is so cute! :D)


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