The Bridges Family - Part 2

When I last posted about the sweet Bridges Family, we were literally heading out the door for San Antonio, so I didn't have the time to go into any detail. I really wanted to tell you more about their family, for there is so much to learn from them!

First of all they are so hospitable!

We were welcomed with bright, cheery smiles and then ushered into our bedroom, where we found a lovely note of welcome and healthy cookies for each of us!
During our stay we enjoyed lovely, encouraging conversation and special healthy treats including: strawberry/ lime slushes with a sprig of mint on top(Mr. Bridges reminded the family of this very special part of the whole drink) :-), fresh Caesar Salad with home made dressing, cold yogurt desserts with crumbled healthy cookie crumbs on top and then freshly made, spelt muffins and fruit smoothies the next morning!

When we walked into the bathroom that night we found the toilet paper edge, folded neatly at the tip, just like they do at hotels and fresh towels and washcloths for each of us! They had taken the time to think of every detail!

That evening we enjoyed a brisk walk and beautiful music as Christa and Kate played for us! There is so much to be said for hospitality and the Bridges Family are really practicing it! Even in the little things, like folded toilet paper edges, spoke love and thoughtfulness to Kelly and I!

Thank you Bridges for a wonderful time together!

Rejoicing In Him,
Tara and Kelly
Mrs. Bridges, Kate, Tara , Christa, Kelly and the Volley Ball! :-)
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Anonymous said...

Love the black/white pictures!
Have a safe and fun trip to VA!!

Evann said...

Wow, looks like y'all had a great time! They sound very sweet and very hospitable! :) Ooh, my mouth is now watering from the paragraph of FOOD!! Yum!!!

The Bridges said...

Tara and Kelly!

Y'all are so sweet - thanks so much for the encouraging words! We really don't feel like we did much compared to the encouragement y'all gave to us by coming to visit! :)

We are excitedly awaiting your next visit!! :)
Much love!
Christa and Kate for the Bridges
And Mr. Bridges says to tell you that your blog is more refreshing than a sprig of mint on top of any limeade slush! lol

Y'all play volleyball too?! The games we could have played! :)
Neat edit, by the way.


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