E-mail from Lindsay!

Dear Tara,

Guess what?? My family and I were also visiting San Antonio this past week! What's more, I caught a glimpse of you, Kelly, and Elizabeth at Sea World! I thought a certain person looked ve~ry familiar, and the next thing I knew, I realized it was you! The three of you were too quickly swept away by the crowd, and it was too late for me to say hello, but I just wanted to say it was so nice to see you again, though different from the usual way!

It was very encouraging to see you and Kelly practicing what you preached at the Maiden's Quest Retreat. The neat thing is, you didn't know I saw you! Even at Sea World, I witnessed the modest and attractive, feminine clothing of you and your sisters.

I want to encourage you to continue to provide a Christlike model... because you never know who might be watching you! :-)

Much love in Him,



Evann said...

Oh cool! How funny!


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