Fruity Button Napkins!

Dear Daughters of Vision,

I have an idea!

While I am away, I would like each one of you to make one of these beautiful fruit napkins! After you have made one, please write comment in the comment box! Let's see how many fruit napkins we can make across the entire world!

Here is the link for the Fruity Button Napkins! Have fun!

If for some reason the link does not work, go to Martha Stewart's web site and search for Fruity Button Napkins!

I have a surprise for the very first person to make one of these napkins! So leave your comment soon! :-)

Rejoicing In Him,


Quinn said...

Hi Tara! Quinn here. I made one of the napkins! It's a vine of grapes. Hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Quinn

Anonymous said...

Glad that you all are back!
The napkins are very cute but could not make extra to buy the material.
Hope you will post about your trip to Virginia.


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