Fruity Button Napkin Contest!

Quinn said... Hi Tara! Quinn here. I made one of the napkins! It's a vine of grapes. Hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Quinn

Dear Daughters of Vision,

I am pleased to announce the winner of the Fruity Napkin Button Challenge! I pray this video will be an encouragement to all! Congratulations Quinn!

Rejoicing In Him,


Evann said...

Ooh, congradulations Quinn!

Wow, thank you so much for that inspiring and encouraging video, Tara! That was amazing. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Tara -
What a blessing you are to so many maidens!
What a special gift you gave Quinn (great name, by the way!)by recording an encouraging and convicting message...just for her!! I know she will treasure it always.
Thank you for the great posts and pictures.
With much love and appreciation,
Evann's mother

Aha - much better title color. That one had me stumped - all of the ones that looked nice were unreadable. A+!

Tara said...


Thank you so much for designing, editing and posting our new blog header! It's just perfect and we love it! It is just what we were picturing!

Thanks again,
Tara, Kelly and Elizabeth

Kirsten Erin said...

Hey Tara! Just wanted to let you know that I love the new Daughters of Vision Banner! (Didn't know where else to put this comment!) I love your blog and I will continue to keep reading it!

Evann said...

Hey! I love your banner!! It looks great!! How neat!

sadler ladies said...

Hello Tara and Kelly ! We loved seeing you on the video for Quinn. How sweet you all are , anyone that visits this blog or meets you will certainly be blessed ! ALl the girls said to say hello and we enjoyed the photos from VA MQ although we have no idea how we ended up seeing them here , where are they ? . GOd Bless you both , Mrs Sadler

Anonymous said...

Hello Tara and Kelly , we so enjoyed the video for Quinn and seeing you again . ANyone who visits this blog or meets you all will surely be blessed. You are doing wonderful things for the Kingdom. The girls say to tell you hello. We also enjoyed the VA MQ photos but have no idea how we found them here, where do you go ? God BLess you both and big hugs, from the all .Mrs Sadler

ooops sorry if two messages came through , we are new to this blogging thing !

Quinn said...

Oh wow Tara...thank you so much for doing that for me. It has encoureged me so much, and as I can tell from the other comments on this page, it has encoureged other young women as well. Thanks so much for doing that, and may I have your email so I can send you a picture of the napkin? Thanks, and I love you!

Tara said...

Thank you Quinn for your sweet comments! Praise the Lord! I would love a picture of your napkin! The best way to go about this, would be for you to send me a comment with your e-mail address on it. I won't publish it, but that way I can send you mine.

Thanks Quinn!

Rejoicing In Him,

Quinn said...

here is my emaili adress tara!
(i was going to do this, but i was not sure if you would publish it or not!) love you, quinn


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