Fun with the Bittner Family!

After the Maiden's Quest Retreat and some sight seeing, we traveled up to Maryland to see some dear friends of ours, the Bittners!

We were following our GPS just fine, when it said we had arrived at our destination. (Don't always believe your GPS) :-) Hopping excitedly out of the car, ready for fellowship and the opportunity to stretch, we went up to the door and knocked. Long story short, we knocked and knocked and knocked and knocked, when finally "they" came to the door, but "they" were not the Bittners. :-) Whoops!

When we finally arrived at the right house, :-) we had such a great time with the Bittner family and were able to do a lot in a short two days!

Our many activities included: kayaking, cooking, singing, tennis matches, races, trip out to Havre de Grace for some delicious homemade ice cream, fun filled photo shoots as the sun set and looooong talks, including a very intense debate over the non-nutritious/nutritious affects of butter, as it pertains to the well being or(not so well being) of the human race. :-)

It was so refreshing to discuss with Jacqueline and Priscilla what God has been doing in our lives and what He has been teaching us! We left that conversation spiritually uplifted and encouraged! They are such sweet girls and are such a godly testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Seeing as we don't have any brothers, after much consideration, observation
and (lots of testing... LOL!) we hereby commission Stephen Bittner as our official adopted brother. :-)

Thank you Bittners for a wonderful, refreshing time! We hope to see y'all again really soon!

Tara, Kelly and Elizabeth


That was quick! Fantastic update - I love the pictures! I thought that we didn't get any singing shots...
Wow - that was lots of fun. I'll have to look into that music conference that y'all were talking about. Do you have a link to the site? Thanks!

Quinn said...

hey tara! wow! you guys had a ton of fun! i was praying for you!!! the pictures were great! :)

p.s.--oh, will you write about the MQ retreat? i want to hear how it went. katrina said that it was great...and outdoor! how fun! :)

Jacqueline said...

Y'all are so sweet!:)
We had such a wonderful time with you all here and we can't wait to see you again... Soon hopefully:)
Love and Blessings~

kristen said...

What am I, an avacado?
Am not I better unto you than ten Stephens?

Lovingly, Your Brother-in-law

Tara said...


Thou art better unto us than 100 brothers! :-)

Tara, Kelly and Elizabeth


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