Hymn Sing Evening!

Here is an idea that I have had for a long time now:

I would really like to have a hymn sing at my house! In case any of you are confused about what a hymn sing really is, here is an out line to make it clearer:

Invite a few families to your home and ask them to bring their guitars and other instruments. Give them the date and time that you are planning to have your hymn sing.

Then arrange your family room with chairs and couches so there is lots of seating and everything is in a circle and facing each other. Light a few candles so the atmosphere is warm and inviting! Make sure the furniture is dusted and the floors shiny!

Our family has lots of hymnals, but if you don't, check and see if your church might allow you to borrow a few for your special evening! Once you have them, lay them around on the chairs and couches.

You will want to bake some tasty snacks to serve and make sure that you have lots of water on hand! (Singers tend to get dry throats, so keep them hydrated!) :-)

When the evening comes, welcome your guests warmly and start right in! Take turns calling out favorite hymns and enjoy singing them together!

I just had the thought that if you wanted to make it more formal and planned, you could collect favorite hymns from your guests before the hymn sing and then design a program that lists the songs that will be sung throughout the evening - sort of like a recital!

Break for a snack/dinner break and some WATER :-) and then return back for some more singing and fellowship!

Try this idea and let me know how it went! I just know we will be blessed as we open our homes and praise our Savior together!

Rejoicing In Him,



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