Singing with the Bittners

We had such a blessed time singing with the Bittners! There is nothing like singing praise to God with other brothers and sisters in Christ!


That was FUN!!! Even if I DID go flat a few times... :)

Chloe said...

Thanks for sharing, we really enjoyed that!!! :-)

~Gloria and Chloe~

Tara said...

Stephen: Flat or not it was tons of fun! :-)

Chloe: Thanks for your comment! Looks looks you have a wonderful family! - Tara

Evann said...

Oh how awesome!! That was so fun to watch! Wow, y'all have some really amazing voices!! Thanks so much for sharing!! :D

Tara said...


It's so good to hear from you again! I was just telling my mother yesterday that I had not heard from you in a while. I am so glad your back! Thanks for your sweet comment. We love to sing praises to the Lord!

Rejoicing in Him,

Esther said...

That was BEAUTIFUL! I loved it! I'm so glad you all video taped it!


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