Virginia Maiden's Quest Retreat!

Dear Daughters of Vision,

I hope each of you have been doing great! Thanks for all of the prayers that were prayed for our safety and protection. We continually saw the mighty hand of the Lord as we traveled from place to place.

We started off our trip with the wonderful Maiden's Quest Retreat in Virginia. Girls, it was absolutely wonderful and the Lord really blessed it! Even from the younger girls we heard reports of changed lives and decisions made!

This was definitely my favorite conference setting so far! :-) I absolutely love anything that has to do with water and ocean! It was so invigorating to give my talks right on the river front! I tried not to get too distracted, but did have to take a couple extra deep breaths in as I spoke! :-)
There is nothing like a fresh sea breeze! :-)

We will forever be grateful to the precious Sadler family for their generosity, love and hospitality that they showed to all us! They just give and give and give of themselves. We really enjoyed getting to know them! We love you all!

Thank you for everything and we hope to see you again really soon!

Rejoicing In Him,
Tara, Kelly and Elizabeth

God has really blessed Kelly with the ability to take beautiful pictures! It is so wonderful to watch her use this gift for the Lord's glory!
Enjoy the pictures!


Quinn said...

dear sound like it was wonderful...God really worked through you and Katrina. I know I have said this...but the Dallas MQ was the most encoureging thing that I had been to/done in a long time. God is working through you and I want you to know you will get rewards for bing faithful to Him here on earth, but even more so in heaven. I'm glad you had a great time, and know that I was praying for you and your family!!! may God continue to work through you in Jesus...Quinn Emery

Evann said...

I'm so glad everything went well, Tara! You were in my prayers! I'm with Quinn, the conference in Dallas was truly amazing and convicting! I just loved it! Thank you so much for all you are doing!!


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