Evann said...

OH WOW!! Kelly, you really have a gift! Whoa! They're beautiful!

What year did you draw all those?

Kelly said...

Well, they are from all different years, some from 2000-2007 and even from this year! I just love to draw whenever I get a chance!

Anonymous said...

those are beautiful, Kelly!! keep it up!!

Krissie said...

I am so glad to get to see these! They are wonderful! I especially love the necklace! I can't wait to come down and do some drawing and painting with you! Love you so much! Kristen

Kelly said...

Thanks Kristen! I can't wait till you come too! I'm just counting down the days till I get to see you, my adorable Sweet Esther and Rose Bud!
I can't wait to do art together as well! Love you lots! -Kelly

Jacqueline said...

Wow Kelly,
You're a wonderful artist! :)
The Lord has truly blessed you with a great talent.
Miss y'all!


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