Hello! Kristen here again- Praise the Lord He held off all the rain, so the flooding danger has passed. Also, He has seen fit to bless them with much cooler temperatures- 60 degrees tonight! Some friends were also kind enough to build my family a generator, so they have been able to run their fridge and a few fans. They are very appreciative.
Tara and Kelly request prayer for tomorrow- they will be holding a backyard Bible club for all the neighborhood children. They made out invitations by hand and took them around today. Tomorrow, they plan to tell stories, make crafts, have snacks and clearly present the gospel.
Please pray for open hearts for the children and no mosquitoes! :)
The Maiden's Quest planned for next weekend has been cancelled, but there are plans to reschedule for the near future!
Blessings to all of you. Your northern reporter signing off...


Quinn said...

Hi Kristen, Thanks so much for posting about how everything has been going for the girls. I have been praying, and wanting to know more about what has been going on. Thanks again, and lots of love from Quinn

quinn said...

hi tara, look, DON'T publish this, but i have somthing VERY URGENT to tell you. i got an email in my junk folder today at 5:28 AM. i wanted to tell you that i think someone hacked your email address. (i have posted the email below) that's the reason i'm putting this on your blog. i don't wnat that person getting this, if i sent it on email. praying that everythink works out okay with that, but it scared me, because you would not send out an email asking for money, and you did not use any puncuation. i would think normaily you would do that. i showed my mom an she said i should put a post on your blog. with love and prayers...Quinn

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