Hurricane Happenings

Here we are at 9pm Friday evening, waiting on the storm!

We have been out all day, picking up branches, taking down bird feeders, swings and anything else that might fly through the windows. We also cleared out most of the pantry and have made it a place for shelter.

Most of our friends on the south end of town have moved north. Several families have called us today to see if we need any help even though they are facing the same storm( of course we are missing their 7 sons). This is a special time for everyone to work together and help each other.
Our poor brother Reuben in far away Washington says "I always miss all the fun!" Well, I guess we'll just get back to having all the fun!
God's Blessings and we'll see you again after the storm.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you all are well prepared! I will be praying for you! Ruben's right though, it does sound like fun. We never get hurricanes in WA!!!

Anonymous said...

hello Riddell ladies! The Sadler Sisters in VA are praying for your safety . We lift you up to our Great and GLorious GOd of Protection ! Let us know how you are doing . With love, Mrssadler and girls ( and one boy :)

Kirsten Erin said...

I don't know how close to the hurricane you are but I pray you're safe. This is crazy weird because we're getting hit right now by it and we're so far inland in Texas it's just weird. So far it hasn't been too bad... just high winds and rain... we'll see how it all turns out. We're trusting God to keep us all safe.
Though it is fun because for the first time alot of us get to say "We're in a hurricane!" Usually they've mostly dissipated by the time they hit us...


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