Hurricane Updates

Hello Daughters of Vision readers! This is Kristen from Seattle posting today. I am so pleased to report that all of my family is safe. Thank you, Lord! Their house, on the other hand, has sustained some damage. Several trees have fallen on the house and a branch has actually punched down through the roof into Tara's bathroom. One tree fell on a vehicle they were not able to get inside and another fell onto an air-conditioning unit. Tara and Kelly say that the yard looks like a bomb went off. The amount of debris and destruction is overwhelming. They have plenty of water and food, but still no electricity, however, the outside temperatures have been moderate. Our entire family would appreciate your prayers for the house. They are three houses away from homes that have flooded and if the water continues to rise, there is a risk the house could flood as well. Thunderstorms are forecasted for tonight. The neighborhood is having a work party to try to fortify the homes that are facing the most immanent danger. The girls say it is like old fashioned living. Although they have water, they can't let any of it go down the drains, (septic concerns) so any time the wash dishes or use water, they have to collect it in a bucket and then go dump it outside. The only phone that works is a antique phone where you hold one part up to your ear and speak into the other part. They say this completes the effect!
Thank you so much for your prayers and concern. I will post furthur updates as I reicieve them.


Kirsten Erin said...

I'm happy to hear they are safe!

Anonymous said...

Hey Riddell Family-
Our family also had a tree fall on our house, but it didn't do as much damage as that. Will pray that the Lord sends His angels to hold back the water and protect your home.
Sarah Velarde

The Lavin Family said...

thank you so much for the update.

All of you continue to be in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

I will be praying! Thank you for the update!!
~Hannah D.

susanms said...

I am praising the Lord for answered prayer, and that the family is safe. I will continue to pray for electricity, and safety for the family, and that the house would not have any more damage and that what's damaged can be repaired shortly - esp Tara's bathroom roof. Thank you for the post. I didn't know how I could find out about them, and I discovered your site. Praise the Lord!


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