Looks like our precious little Rosie has been blessed with her Aunt Kelly's beautiful curls. Actually, they are also just like her mama's were at her age.
Aunt Elizabeth planned many fun activities for her nieces, including an elegant tea party, a treasure hunt, and she even built an elaborate house behind the couch, using blankets, sheets, pillows, etc.( Remember those days?)
On Kristen's last evening with us (sob) a sweet young lady came over to watch our younger children and our dad took us on a surprise evening. All we were told was to really dress up. He took us to a beautiful quiet restaurant where we could really talk and laugh together. We joked about how this was our first family.
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Anonymous said...

what lovely pictures!! I was on awhile ago and I saw some adorable pictures of Kelly and Rose, but now there is only one. Did you take that post off?

kate b said...

Your nieces are so darling, Tara and Kelly!! How fun that they and Kristen could come for a visit! :)

With love,

Awww, those little girls are so cute!

And just to say again, Happy Birthday Tara! I hope you had a great day!


Anonymous said...

such sweet pictures! I came on once and there were more pictures and no words - did you change it?

It was your birthday? =) Happy Birthday!! ;)


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