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Hello again from the sunny Northwest! (Now, that is a contradiction in terms! :0)

Well, I talked with my sisters this morning and it sounds like they had a very busy day yesterday, filled with many things that count for eternity.

The morning started off with preparations for the Bible club. It began at 1:00pm and they had about 20 children and 2 mothers. After games, skits, stories and snacks, the girls gave the gospel presentation. Later, one of the mothers, whom my family has been witnessing to for many years, told Tara, "You know I haven't been to church in so long and I needed to hear that." Please pray that any seeds sown that day, will bear much fruit!

I am sure that many people consider having your electricity gone for many days in a row, quite a trial and I know that it has not been easy for my family to have so many comfortable and familiar things taken away from them. However, they say they are having some of the best days of their lives in a way. We tend to think that all of our technological advances have made our lives easier and in a way this is true. What is also true, is that our lives have become congested with our technology; gadgets are clogging up our days from beginning to end and keeping us distracted from the things that really matter. My mother loves how quiet the house is without the perpetual hum of appliances and computers and my sisters are enjoying the freedom to read and plan and think about what beneficial thing to do next.

So, after getting everything cleaned up from the club, Tara and Kelly decided to plan an evening of 'things that count' for my littlest sister Elizabeth and her friend Kathryn. First, they made a blackberry cobbler and 'baked' it in a dutch oven over their gas stove. While that was cooking, they took a long walk in the cool evening air. When their dinner of bacon and eggs, (which is not healthy they know, but, well you have to use up things) was ready, they took it outside and had a picnic. Then, they all changed into their night clothes and played several board games. After that, they went in and sang many of their favorite songs around the piano by candlelight and then, apparently, the most appropriate thing to do next seems to have been to have an old- fashioned pillow fight! :) By now it was 10 at night, (I am surprised it was not much later!) and they thought it was time to say good-night, but my dad heard about a friend whose septic tank was about to overflow. Now Dad had already helped to empty 27 septics that day, but he and Tara willingly packed up and went over to help, arriving back in the wee hours. I love this about my family- their willingness to help others and bless others as they have been blessed, whenever they get the chance.

Now, this is really what my sisters were doing yesterday. They are NOT traveling in Europe and they do NOT need money. As many of you have probably guessed, Tara's e-mail account has been hacked into and compromised. I have been working with Katrina to try to get this fixed, but we are not able to access her account at all, even with knowing all the passwords. Tara is so sorry for any trouble or concern this caused anyone. I have changed the e-mail account for where comments are sent, so they will be coming to me for the time being. Thank you to everyone who posted a comment earlier. Hopefully we will be able to retrieve those and post them. If anyone would directly like to ask me any question, you can leave a comment too.

Hearing about everything my family is doing makes me wish I was right there with them. I feel like I am missing all the fun and excitement! :) It has definitely made me think about seizing every moment for eternity's sake. I think I am going to take my girls on a walk to the park this morning. We will look at the trees and the crows and marvel at the awesome work of our Creator. And maybe my 3 year old will say what she said after a previous trip, something that should be in all of our hearts, -

"Mommy, I think we should pray."

"OK, Esther, what do you want to pray about?"

"We need to pray and thank God for this beautiful day!"


the Lavin family said...

Thank you so much for letting us know how everyone is doing! We have been reading the blog the past few days, but were not able to comment until now. We are so grateful that your family is safe ~ you all have been in our prayers! Some of our family live in Houston as well... they also do not have power and have quite a bit of yard damage, but they are doing okay.

What an encouragement to the neighborhood to have such a sweet family ministering in any way they can. And such an example to us! Thank you for sharing, and we are still hoping/praying to see Tara and Kelly next week at the Northwoods.

With love in Jesus,
the Lavin family (Jaimee and Jennifer Lavin)
Bulverde, Texas

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for all your updates! I have been praying for your family!

tehe I was wondering where all of the comments went =)

aaawwww, Esther!! God bless her!! she is so sweet!!

~Hannah D.
(sunny northwest as well!)

quinn said...

Dear Kristin...Thanks so much for letting me know how Tara and everyone is doing. I have been praying for them!!! Thanks for posting about them for everyone. With love, Quinn


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