Our amazing dessert. The berries were from Washington!
Yes, I know. This looks like a lot of girls, but you know, you can never have too many!
Don't worry that we have no males in our lives. Remember, a dad like ours counts for several, and would you believe we have 8 male cousins? When Kristen married, we gained 6 brothers!
(Reuben, you're first, of course!) God is good!
A friend of ours planted this vine. (The previous rose was so thorny you couldn't walk through) One day we looked out back and it had burst into bloom! We just wanted to get this picture before the hurricane rains come through tonight. There may not be much left!
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Dear Tara,

This is a lovely post with many beautiful pictures to enjoy. I lost the teeny tiny paper with your email address (I forgot where I put it to be specific) so could I have it again or could you email me again and put "from Tara R." in the subject line? Thank you so much and may the Lord bless you? I shall await your post or email.
Much love in Jesus,

Quinn said...

Hi Tara...
I love all the pretty pictures! YOu guys look like you had a great time! I have your email from Katrina, so I will be sure to send you a picture of the napkin. Thanks for posting!

Love, Quinn


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