Kelly's Natural Beauty Tips and Hair Styling Classes

Kelly instructing the class on how to braid a fish tail!
I (Tara) had the privilege of getting my hair braided!

Fish tail completed!
Kelly did all of these hair styles! This one is called The Pony Tail Roll
This style is so elegant and feminine!

This hair style is called a crown!

Here is precious little Elizabeth!
Kelly styled this beautiful curly bun for her and stuck flowers in it to finish the look!
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Jacqueline said...

Such fun and wonderful fellowship,
wish I could be there!
~Love and miss you both!

Anonymous said...

Is Kelly's hair naturally that curly? If so, how do you keep it so nice and not frizzy?

Kelly Riddell said...

Hi! This is Kelly! Yes, my hair is naturally curly. When I was a baby...up till about 13 years old, my hair was board straight! It wouldn't hold a curl for the world! Then at 13 it started changing. Everyone thought that I had gotten a perm.:-) Lol! First off, I start with it wet. I work a bit of (Suave healthy curls scrunching's a turquoise color) through my hair, then I scrunch it all the way up to my scalp. I then dry it with a diffuser. It is a hair dryer, with a little attachement that pops onto the end, with little forks sticking out from it. I dry in sections. The diffuser helps to keep the hair from blowing wildly and keeps the hair from getting frizzy. If it is humid outside, then spray your hair with a bit of freeze-it hair spray from Wal-Mart after you've completely dried your hair.
You should have nice silky curls once you've completed these steps!:-) Let me know if you have anymore questions and if this works for you!
Blessings, Kelly
Remember to take care of your temple for the glory and honor of God! 1 Cor 3:16&17b


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