Kelly decorated this whole collage! It's so beautiful and definitely has her artistic touch! :-)
We love adding orange to our blue and white checked sofas for Fall! Orange is opposite on the color wheel to blue, so that's why they look so great together!

I (Tara) created this arrangement last year. I love to make special things that bring joy and life to our home!
You can't ever have too many pumpkins! We are going to go pick some real ones soon!
Here is another view of Kelly's corner!


kate said...

How fun! Your house looks beautiful!! I love fall too! :)

Evann said...

Oh, it's beautiful!

I'm sorry I haven't commented in so long. We moved and didn't have Internet for a very long time (so sad) but now I use the library computer sometimes and occasionally my dad's work laptop. So hopefully I can comment more often! I've missed your blog. How are you? :)


Allison said...

Your decorating is gorgeous! You did a wonderful job!


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