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Greetings Fellow Sisters in Christ,

The Lord is always so faithful and I continue to stand in awe of His perfect goodness.

The Maiden's quest retreat in Kerrville marked another life changing experience for many girls. It is always so incredible to sit by and watch the Lord work in the lives of so many precious young ladies. It was all so peaceful and beautiful. The Lord gave us such gorgeous cool weather at the Purple Sage Ranch where it was held. We all felt so very blessed to see what the Lord provided for the Bandera Maiden's Quest retreat. Mrs. Pennington and Mrs. Jaax were the hostesses for this Maiden's Quest retreat. They were both such dear, sweet hostesses and friends. This retreat was much smaller than usual. Big is very special, however this was our first retreat that was this small and intimate. It was very special in it's own way! We really got to know the girls more personally and met so many new, sweet people. All of the girls sat in soft swivel chairs at long tables for the sessions, like you would at a business meeting. It made it very nice, because the girls had tables to write on. I really felt like the Lord spoke to the hearts of the young ladies that attended, based on the testimonies that I heard afterward...Praise the Lord!

The Lord will use us if we are willing and available to be used by God to do whatever it is the Lord would have for us. However, it is God that brings all of the increase and softens the hearts of each young lady to respond to the truth. 1 Corinthians 3:7 "So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."

Praise the Lord for such a special, wonderful weekend!

Seeking Christ first,



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