16 DOVS so far!

So far we have 16 daughters of vision signed up for the Scripture memory challenge!

If you know of anyone else who would enjoy this challenge, please let them know about it! We are already 2 days into the challenge, so if you're going to sign up, let today be the day! :-)

For those who are already singed up, keep up the great work! You are doing a terrific job! (At least I'm trusting that you are!) :-)



Karen said...

make it 13

Marianna O. said...

aaah! I didn't know we started already! lol I'm going to have to get busy here! ;)

I love the chapter, and I'm very excited. :-D I'm going to talk to my other sisters about doing it also! The helpfulness of daily accountability is really amazingly helpful!

Sorry about the confusion Marianna! :-) I know you'll catch up quick! :-) Be sure to let me know if your sister is going to be part of the challenge! I want to add to the number if she is! :-) Accountability is very helpful for sure!

Have a wonderful day and may the Lord bless you!


Anonymous said...

Tara and Kelly -
We did not know you were doing this! Please add 3 members of the Whitt family....Avery, Evann, and Mrs. Whitt....FABULOUS!!! It is December 20th so we have a lot to catch up...great thing to do while baking this week!
The WHitt family


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