Announcing the Scripture Memory Challenge Passage!

Dear Daughters of Vision,

Thank you so much for your enthusiastic response to the memory challenge! I must say, I was amazed to hear that God has been working in each of our hearts separately, using the same passage of Scripture! That is the Lord for you!

Well, it was suggested by one of our fellow sisters (in the comments) that we memorize Leviticus! Seeing as I completed that one two months ago, I thought it might be a better idea to memorize Numbers! What do you think? :-) LOL Thanks for your sense of humor Kate, you sure do keep me rolling! :-) "Laughter is good medicine!" Thanks for brightening my day!

The Lord has directed me to a chapter that is so encouraging and has verses included in it that are relevant to our season and time of life.

Ready? :-) Drum roll please!.................Announcing the December 2008 scripture memory challenge.....................................................................Philippians 4!

I have been so blessed by this chapter and know that God is going to bless us with deeper insights as we faithfully hide His Word in our hearts!

Now, there are 23 verses in this chapter and looking at the calendar right now, there are 20 days left in December (12th-31st) With 3 days added in January, our chapter will be hidden in our hearts completely on January 3rd! I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited about the opportunity to memorize yet another chapter and do it with friends and family! Kelly is taking the challenge as well, so we will have lots of encouragement!

If you know of any other girls that would like to memorize with us, please direct them to Daughters of Vision and have them sign in! The more the merrier is what I say! :-)

1. Each day I plan to publish a post on our verse for the day. I will be giving some thoughts and encouragement from the verse and share how God is using it in my own life! Also, I will try to share tips and hints that have helped me in Scripture memorization!

2. It would be so great if you fellow sisters in Christ could leave a comment in the comment boxes as the Lord is speaking to you about the verse for that day!

3. We will memorize one verse a day!

4. Also, if you would like to memorize your verse and test your memory, please type the verse out in the comment box as well! This will inform us how you are doing and it's always good for the memory to actually write it out!

We will officially start tomorrow! Pray tonight that God would memorize through you and that He would be glorified through this special commitment!

Rejoicing in the goodness of my Lord and Savior,

Tara Nicole


Best Life said...

Grace P says yes! She can't wait to join your Bible memorization group. :)

Hannah Bottom said...

Lets get started! This is just what I needed! Hannah Bottom


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