Christmas Eve

We woke up this wonderful Christmas Eve morning to the thrilling sound of pounding rain falling from a very dark sky. Not exactly the fluffy white snow we all dreamed about...but as we have learned and been reminded of recently, in whatsoever state we are, we will be content. This verse means that even if we are in the great state of Texas even then we will be content. Plus, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, right? (Kristen actually says she could use less snow and is looking forward to the warmer weather!)

Our dear mama was very inspired this year as she looked through The Tasha Tudor Cookbook! (Did you know Tasha Tudor died this past year?) Well, after 3 solid hours of stirring the pot (thankfully while seated on a stool) she now testifies that store bought caramels are really not so bad and probably worth every penny. It seems the problem was the lack of a double boiler. Oh well, at least they did eventually turn out well and she says her arm will probably feel much better in a few weeks.

A few days ago I, Tara, worked up the nerve to make a big announcement to my mother.
This was probably a good thing considering her arm. (This is something I have intended to do for years but have never quite gotten around to. You've heard about this for the last two years at Maiden's Quest's retreats!) OK, get ready. I said
"Mom, would you like to hear some really good news?" (Here's a special tip girls. Moms always like to hear really good news!) Before I lost my nerve I said "I would like to take on the entire Christmas season food planning. I will do all the planning, shopping and most of the cooking.) When Mom finally recovered from shock she looked really happy and has been singing ever since as she joyfully writes her Christmas cards. I am really standing on today's verse, you know, the one about being in the strength of our Lord. I'll let you know how it goes!

Girls, Christmas is such a joy filled time as we reflect on our precious Savior and His coming.
It can, however, be an especially stressful time for our moms. Let's ask what we can do to help, and then do the jobs cheerfully and with joy. (as unto the Lord!) Look around and make a bed or clean up a room without even being asked. Trust me - you can't go wrong with this one. Let everyone see Christ living in you.

One last thing I'll sneak in about Kelly. She took on most of our wrapping this year. Our family really cut back on gifts but because of the Lord's leading(which I can't explain further) we had a lot of extra gifts to wrap. Kelly worked cheerfully the entire day until by nightfall she reminded us of the hunchback. Let me tell you no one wraps like Kelly. All the gifts look like works of art. Kind of makes it hard to ever think of unwrapping them.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone. Keep up the memory work. Even Elizabeth is right up with us. Keep the Lord first in your minds. He is worthy!


Kate Bridges said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I'm so amazed that you both took on all the cooking and wrapping - that's a ton of work! Tara, you'll have to let us know how all the cooking went! :) Hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas! Christa and I are still "staying strong" with the Scripture memory :) - and it's definitely been an encouragement!
With love,


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