Let it Snow!

This week, I (Kelly) drove a group of girls to the ice rink! On the way, I was talking to a friend of mine, up front in the car, about how fun it would be if it would snow and we could actually experience some sort of a white Christmas! :-)

While skating at the ice rink, another friend came running up to me, and with much excitement in her voice, exclaimed that it was snowing outside!!!! I couldn't believe my ears! I stumbled outside with my skates on to see for myself. It was such an amazing sight! There was snow falling everywhere!!! I got
Elizabeth and completely forgot all about ice skating! :-) All of the people at the ice rink joined us outside. It was so very obvious that we are all Houstonians and definitely from the south! :-) (The day before had been almost 80) The little girls and I had the most fun snow ball fight! (Well, it was at least a miniature snow ball fight.) :-) We gathered as much as we could off the ground and picnic tables! :-)

I praise the Lord for His amazing gifts to His children! It seems like a small thing, however in Texas, the simplest things to some people like snow can be the most precious to us! It melted today, way too quickly, but we sure enjoyed having some snow and won't forget it any time soon!



christa and kate said...

HOW FUN!!! Those are beautiful pics! We are so jealous over here!! :) Isn't that TX weather for you: 80 degrees one day, and below freezing the next! :)
Hi to your family!

Kelly said...

Hi girls!
Yes it was so much fun!!! You didn't get any snow? I am sooo sorry! Next time it snows, I will be selling some BIG snow balls on E-Bay, so keep in touch. :-) LOl!!!
I miss y'all so much! I wish both of you and your dear sweet parents a very Merry Christmas!
Love and blessings,

Christa and Kate said...

Hi Kelly!
No, we did not get any snow, but we did get a mini ice storm last night! :) We will definitely be looking for those snowballs on e-bay - that's not a bad idea after all!!! :)
We miss y'all too! Hope to see you before too long!
Much love,
Kate and Christa


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