Merry Christmas!

Dear Daughters of Vision,

How was everyone's Christmas? We spent Christmas day preparing for Reuben, Kristen, Esther and Rose's arrival at 1:00 a.m. (definitely the very wee hour of the morning! :-) We cleaned and scrubbed the house and Kelly made chocolate and peanut butter fudge and I made a pan of divinity! (My favorite!) Our wonderful brother Reuben has named the candies. One of them is named self-control. He says "I guess I'll go have some self-control." We are already enjoying every minute.

In a portion of my last post, I told you how I have taken over the Christmas cooking this year. Well, I've also been preparing meals for the freezer, so things will run more smoothly and that way I will have more free time to spend with family and friends in the coming weeks!

All of this to say, I spent 5 hours in the kitchen on Monday and made:
2 lasagnas, 3 Shepherd's Pies, 36 Chicken Squares, and cooked and peeled two huge butternut squashes for our squash soup!

The next day I was in the kitchen again and made 3 batches of Spaghetti Sauce, 2 batches of Squash Soup, 4 batches of taco meat, several batches of sausage for our Christmas breakfast casseroles and 10 home-made Wheat Free Ginger Bread Ice cream Sandwiches! (These are for Kristen and Kelly because of their wheat allergies.)

Every bit of the above, I organized and put in the freezer.(What a strange blessing. The freezer was practically empty from Ike!) Girls, talk about a satisfying feeling! WOW! These are skills that we really need to cultivate right now as young ladies! It reminds me of the verse in Proverbs 31 that says, "She looketh well to the ways of her household and eateth not the bread of idleness."
Girls, how our future households will be blessed by the skills that we choose to cultivate and master now! (Kristen assures us this is true.) There is such a satisfaction when you do what God has designed and made you to do! Enjoy your role girls and you will be blessed!

Thank Jesus again for creating you a woman!

Rejoicing in Him and for His wonderful plan for creating me a woman too,

P.S. Keep up the Scripture memory! I will be reveiwing tonight before I go to bed...that's for sure! :-)

P.S.S. Kristen has showed up with some great looking projects. We'll see if we can
get her to tell us about them in the next few days.



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