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Hello Again!

I had mentioned in a previous post, that I was in the process of memorizing Psalm 27. Well...I just finished Sunday! Yesterday and today, I have been doing some polishing work, so it all will be quoted smoothly! :-) (Elizabeth helped me with this, on the way to church. She is an excellent coach and very encouraging!) I continue to be blessed with this chapter in my life and the Lord keeps giving me deeper insights and strength from this passage.
Just tonight, driving back home from a day of Christmas shopping with my Aunt and sisters, I was able to encourage all of us with some of these verses!
I am praying now for the next passage to memorize!

Would any of you like to memorize a passage with me? I think doing things together is not only encouraging, it's also a lot of fun! Please leave a comment and let me know who's interested! I'll be waiting to hear back from you!

Well, have a wonderful evening and may the Lord bless you with His grace and peace tonight!

Rejoicing in Him,



That's great - I've almost finished 1st Peter myself.

Love the changes y'all made - it looks fantastic! Keep up the great work. :)

By the way, there is a slight chance that I may be able to come down for the film festival in January - I don't know if I can yet, but we'll see.

Congratulations Stephen for memorizing a whole book! Praise the Lord! It's amazing how God uses the verses that we have hidden in our hearts!

I'm glad you like the changes to the blog, seeing as you were our original blog designer! :-)

That would be wonderful if it works out for you to come down for the Film Festival!

Have a great evening,

kate bridges said...

I would LOVE to memorize a passage with you! What a great idea! Which one did you have in mind? I was thinking about the book of Leviticus as a warmer - upper!? :) Just kidding!

Amy Vest said...

Dearest Tara,

I have been thinking of you and missing you, friend!

OH, I am just finishing memorizing Psalm 27, too!!! I knew we were kindred spirits - but that is amazing!

Love you so much! Please give Kelly a hug for me!

May you have a beautiful day in Jesus,


Marianna said...

Hello Tara! The Lord has been speaking to me through Ps. 27 lately also, so of course I was delighted to stop by here and read that He had been to you too! :) I was just thinking, I should work on memorizing more! And here I stop by again and see that you've issued a challenge! ;) I've not been very good in the past with memorizing block passages, but I would love to "join forces" with you and work on one again. This is something I just need to learn to be more disciplined with! :)

Blessings to you girls! ~Marianna

I'd love to join forces too! Count me in! Lately, I've been spending time in Psalm 27 and Psalm 91. I haven't officially memorized either of them - I've just been reading them a lot. They've been very helpful in the face of some spiritual warfare.

Jacqueline said...

Hey Tara :)
I'll do it with you, and we can see how well we do when we get together in January! :)
Miss you!


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