Sign in for Scripture Memory Challenge!

For all The Daughters of Vision that are interested in the Scripture memory challenge, please sign in one more time in the comment box! That way I wil have everyones names in the same place!



Annabelle Halgas said...

Count me in!!

Anonymous said...

Grace P says yes! She can't wait to join your Bible memorization group. :)

Chloe said...

Hi Tara!
What a wonderful idea! :-) I would like join you in the Scripture Memory Challenge!


Reporting in! I'm looking forward to this! Thanks for initiating it, Tara Nicole! Love you so much!

kate bridges said...

I'm signing up - and Christa would like to as well! We somehow didn't get the book reference - but know it's a chapter 4 w/ 23 verses...of some book! :) Clarification would be greatly appreciated!
Looking forward to it!
Thanks so much!

kate bridges said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention that the book of Numbers sounds great - you took the words right out of my mouth Tara!! :)

Sorry Kate! I don't know what happened! It's Phil.4!

Thanks so much,

Anonymous said...

Marianna said...
Hello Tara! The Lord has been speaking to me through Ps. 27 lately also, so of course I was delighted to stop by here and read that He had been to you too! :) I was just thinking, I should work on memorizing more! And here I stop by again and see that you've issued a challenge! ;) I've not been very good in the past with memorizing block passages, but I would love to "join forces" with you and work on one again. This is something I just need to learn to be more disciplined with! :)

Blessings to you girls! ~Marianna

Anonymous said...

Jacqueline said...
Hey Tara :)
I'll do it with you, and we can see how well we do when we get together in January! :)
Miss you!

Anonymous said...

This indeed seems to be a very interesting challenge that I have decided we (or I) will attempt. Thanks for inviting us. Please pray that the Lord will help and encourage us to do our best.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Hannah Bottom said...

Lets get started! This is just what I needed! Hannah Bottom

Karen said...

I'm in

~ Jenifer said...

I know I am 2 days late, but may I join, too?!? I promise I will catch up *grin*. This is such a wonderful idea. I thank you for the initiation. I have been reading you ladies' blog for awhile now, and it is such an encouragment.
Love, from another sis in Christ,


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