A Special Dinner!

I (Tara) decided to make Shepherd's Pie, Salad and rolls for dinner on Wednesday! I began cooking, when Elizabeth and Kathryn came into the kitchen and asked if I needed some help? "Can we set the table for you?" Right after they asked the question, they both got this sparkle in their eyes! Before I could answer, they began to scurry around the house, collecting different items, to make the table beautiful! I have posted a picture of the end product! It was absolutely gorgeous and Elizabeth and Kathryn, truly went the extra mile, by creating a special surprise and memory for our family!
Those two precious girls invested in our lives that night, by making us feel special through their acts of kindness and thoughtfulness! Their example was an inspiration to me that night! A good reminder to keep doing my responsibilities with my whole heart and not half heartedly!

Let's just say we had a wonderful meal and time of fellowship that evening! :-)

Thanks girls, I love you dearly!

Rejoicing in Him,

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