Time with Sisters!

Hello again!

We had a wonderful time together, decorating the house for Christmas this year! Decorating is one of our favorite things to do, because we love making our home feel welcoming and inviting. Elizabeth, I must say, was the smart one this year and wore green rubber gloves, (as you can see in the picture) to protect her hands from the prickly branches! :-) She is so adorable!

After a long days work, Kelly, Elizabeth and I went out for some sister time together! We went to a special, village shopping center near our house and walked around the square, where a huge Christmas tree has been set up. We made a stop into the cozy coffee shop, for some hot apple cider and a gingerbread latte! It did wind up raining, but that just made for more of an adventure! :-)

Take the precious moments that the Lord gives you today and spend it with your siblings! You will never get this time back!

Have a wonderful evening!

Rejoicing in Him,



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