Today is the first official closing day for the Scripture memory challenge! Congratulations to all of you who've completed it! You did a great job and I know God was glorified!

Enjoy the Word of God now hidden in your hearts! God will use it for sure in your life as you face decisions, trials, etc...

May God bless each of you richly!

Rejoicing in Him,


Anonymous said...

Okay, maybe I am the only one who didn't quite understand when the scripture memory ending date was. I thought your post a few days ago said it was ending on Jan. 7th. Well, Congrats to all of you who finished on this date! I thought I had a few days left to cram but that is what I get for not keeping up (: Praise God I have part of that passage memorized! That is a big accomplishment. I am just used to memorizing a verse here and there. Thanks for the challenge! God has challenged me to try this more often.


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