Congratulations to all DOVs who have completed the Scripture memory challenge! What a worthwhile accomplishment! Since the deadline, God has used this passage again and again in my life!

Did you know that there are two things that will last forever? The souls of men and the Word of God! You have chosen to spend some of your time investing in something that will last for eternity! WOW...That is a wonderful truth! May we never think that our time is wasted when we are in the living Word of the Lord!

Often I have thought, how much Scripture do I know by heart? I have read stories of different individuals who were placed into camps where they did not have access to the Word of God. They had to live with what they knew by heart. Let's stop and think for a moment; if we were in a similar situation, how much Scripture would we have ready to feed our own hearts and to share with others?

This year God has prompted me to memorize an entire book of the Bible! I'm still praying about which one and am excited about this wonderful challenge from the Lord! If any of you would like to join me, please let me know!

May you be blessed, as you let the Word of the Lord that you have hidden in your heart, minister to your precious lives!

Good job and may God receive all the glory for what He has accomplished! Thanks for joining us in this challenge. We created a memory that together we will be able to enjoy for all eternity!

Rejoicing in Him,



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