You can't go wrong on this one!

Hello friends!
I want to encourage you today with something that I have begun to do and incorporate into my weekly babysitting job. As some of you probably already know, I have the opportunity to invest weekly in the life of a very special friend. I've known her ever since she was a baby and started keeping her when I was 14. My little friend would have been 4 and Elizabeth, who I also willingly kept as well would have been only 1 year old. It has been a very special 8 years and my friend holds a very,very special place in my heart. Since I've kept her since she was little I tend to still use the term babysitting, however I guess it's time to change my course of thinking and consider a new label for what it is that I am doing.
I count this special friend of mine as an adopted sister. I am grateful to the Lord for bringing her into my life and giving me the opportunity to have a part in her life.
With my mother's encouragement and always welcomed counsel, we started memorizing scripture every week together. Girls! You would not believe how very special, inspiring and uplifting it has been to dig into the Word of God together and work together in the goal of hiding God's Word in our hearts. We are currently working on Psalm 27. We memorize 2 verses together and then work on 2 during the following week. We then quote them together the following week. Remember that God's Word will never return void! When we have something that we know we should be doing, we should always follow the Lord's prompting. One thing I have noticed is that the Lord many times uses your authorities to help you follow His direction.
James 4:17" Therefore to Him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin."
Seeking to follow Him,
If it seems like I'm always encouraging you to memorize scripture, I guess it's true. You won't go wrong on this one! Our family's scripture this year is Psalm 1:2 so I guess it's always on my mind!


Hi Kelly,
The more Scripture memory encouragement that you and Tara want to give us, the better! :) Recently I have felt the Lord prompting me several different times to memorize the book of Proverbs, so I could use all the encouragement I can get! :) At first, I was a little bit like Tara with the sugar - free thing: "Let me make sure I'm hearing correctly, Lord!" :) (BTW - I would love to hear how that is going, and how y'all manage to go sugar - free for a whole year!) But I have started Proverbs, and it has been wonderful already! You're so right - we can never go wrong with God's Word!
Hi to everyone!
With love,


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