"Always By Our Side"


Best Life said...


Wow - that was simply beautiful my friends! Thanks for posting this video!

In the post you made several days ago with the words to this song and your thoughts on it, do you think you could change the colors so it would be easier to read? I would love to know the words better, but I'm having trouble making them out.


quinn said...

good job girls...i loved it! :)

Eyes on the Light said...

This is so beautiful! I love hearing you girls sing. :) Wish I could see you more often! Thanks for posting this.

Your sister in Christ, Grace P.

Hannah Burnett said...

Lovely! I remember meeting you two at Big Sandy a few years ago...if you are coming again this year, please seriously consider blessing everyone with another special music!!

~Hannah Burnett

Kelly R. said...

Our dad surprised us by posting this after we went to bed last night. You might have noticed we have each grown a foot and lost 20 pounds! :-)
Keep up those Pilates girls! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Tara! That is powerful, especially reading it while listening to you and Kelly sing. You both have beautiful voices, and it is such a beautiful song. I'm going to write the words down in my journal! ~Hannah D.

Eyes on the Light said...

Writing down the words in your journal is a good idea, Hannah! I think I will do that too. Kelly is actually the one who got me started on journalling, thanks Kelly! I've done it ever day for over four months! To God be the Glory! :) Thank you dad for me for posting this, loved seeing it!

Your sister in Christ, Grace P.

Kate Bridges said...

Tara and Kelly,

What a beautiful song! Thank your dad for sharing it with us! :)

I had a "nightmare" a couple nights ago: In this dream, both of y'all were wearing JEANS and a t - shirt and clunky tennis shoes!!! GASP!! And in the dream, I remember thinking: "what's going on here!!??" :) lol I woke up in a cold sweat praising the Lord for your femininity and that it was only a dream!! :)

Hi to your family!
With love,

Anonymous said...

Our entire family listened to this and we all so enjoyed it. My husband said, "I love listening to sisters singing together - beautiful harmony." Our 5 yr. old little man said, "Ooohhh! They are so purty and singing too! I love them."
Thanks for sharing this with us! What a way to end the evening!
The Whitt family

Kristin Youngblood said...

Very pretty and inspiring sisters! Thank you for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

Your music brings so much glory to our Lord. It is a joy to hear. Julie

Chloe said...

What a lovely song! You both have such beautiful voices, I love to hear you sing!:-) Thanks so much for sharing! I am blessed and encouraged by your godly examples!

Blessings to each of you!
~Chloe~ :-)

Walt said...

Very lovely... But which of you is singing which part? :-)

Kelly R. said...

Mostly Tara is on the soprano part,
and I(Kelly) am singing the alto part, however it does tend to vary a little. There is a point in the song where Tara sings the descant and I am on the melody. We like to have a lot of variation. Thanks for asking!
Have a very blessed day!

Anonymous said...

Whoops! I just realized I haven't been posting MY name (Hannah) so that means "Cheryl Hollifield" thats my moms name! he'he'he!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! that was BEA-UTIFUL!!!!! Thanks for posting this video! It's a wonderful impact on MY life. Im not sure if it's an impact on your life. Is it? I hope it was!!!:)
Love & blessings,
Hannah Hollifield.

Anonymous said...

That was BEAUTIFUL girls.Thanks.sarah

Anonymous said...

This blog is SO neat!! Thank you for doing this for girls like me!! Keep up the good work! :) Hannah Soco


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