Can You Tell Where I Am Right Now?

Posted by PicasaYes! Dear Daughters of Vision, I'm in Minneapolis right now! I can't even believe I'm here and experiencing 4 degree weather! The evening I left, a snow storm hit, so my flight was re-directed to Kansas City! All of the passengers were asked to exit the plane and wait because the airport was completely shut down in Minneapolis. After 30 min of waiting and praying they asked us to board the plane once more and after waiting on the run way for some time, we were able to take off again and the Lord allowed us to land in a small window of opportunity, when the airport opened back up again! Let's just say, I was VERY grateful that I did not have too much of an adventure in Missouri! God is so good!

I Came to MN for a girls conference that my friend put on! The Lord taught me so much and I can't wait to share some of it with you all! Right now though, I need to get some rest because tomorrow, I will be going to church with Jennie's family and will be working with the inner city children of Minneapolis! This is their church mission and heart beat! After we are finished, we will ride the bus and drop everyone off! I can't wait!

Well, have a good night my fellow sisters and may God bless you!

Rejoicing in Him,


Anonymous said...

As pretty as those snow pictures are, we are glad we live in Texas! BBBRRRRR!!!!
Can't wait to hear all about what you learned! Have a great time!!!
The Whitt family

Eyes on the Light said...

Thanks for the pictures, Tara! I can't believe the snow! :) 4 degree weather!?! I'm glad and sorry that I'm not with you... I'd be too cold, but I'd be so blessed! It's a toss-up


Your sister in Christ, Grace P.


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