Do Girls My Age Read Their Bibles?

Dear Daughters of Vision,

If you have little sisters please read this to them. My sister (Kelly) encouraged me to read my Bible every day. Today I read the book of Jonah. You can read it in about 30 min depending on how fast you read. Don't try to read fast unless you won't get what the book has to say. Me, my friend and Kelly are memorizing Psalm 27. Girls, if you memorize some chapters of some books of the Bible, it will stay with you all of your life. I want to encourage y'all to read the Bible every day, no matter if you do it in the morning or in the evening, it's better to do it in the morning because you are more attentive but either way is good. May the Lord bless you all so much and no matter what be cheerful for if one person is unhappy it makes everybody unhappy. The Lord is always watching over each and everyone of us. Love, Elizabeth Joy *:)(:


Anonymous said...

Dear Elizabeth, Thank you for the reminder. I'll be reading my Bible! J.

Quinn said...

Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for reminding everyone to read their Bible daily. I just finished reading, Quinn

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth,Thanks a lot for the thought.I'll be reading my bible!R.


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