Elizabeth and I (Kelly) have landed in the GREAT STATE of WASHINGTON!

Esther is such a precious little niece and enjoys life to the fullest!
She keeps busy with lots of different activities!
A very inportant one being playdough!
Before I came she would call me and say...
"when you come you can play chalk with me!"
I definitely have to fit that in!

Rose is my little sunshine!
I was at the store today with her and a couple that passed by said
Oh! She's got curly hair just like her mama and the exact same color too,
then walked on! :-)
I don't mind being mistaken for her mama!

It is so wonderful to be with my sweet sister again!
We've had a great time so far and have been doing a lot of catching up!
We have also been doing a lot of cooking together, which has been fun!
She is also helping me knit a blanket!
Kristen is such a wonderful homemaker and knows such a variety of skills!
I love it when I get to sit by her and learn!

Yesterday we babysat Kristen's Nieces (which are twins) and nephew.
I felt what it must be like to be a mother of quintuplets!!! :-)
The house was full of children and it was such a special way to begin our trip!
They were all so sweet to read to!
Elizabeth was a very big help and held the book out far enough so that everyone was happy!

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Eyes on the Light said...

Kelly! Your neices are so cute. :) I wish I was there with you! Give Kristen my love, and HAVE A GOOD TIME!! :)

Your sister in Christ, Grace P.

Jennifer Lavin said...

Looks like you're all having such sweet times together! Enjoy your trip!

Cheryl said...

Wow looks like you had lots of fun together!:)

Cheryl said...

Whoops!!! I did it again ;) it's Hannah


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