Elizabeth diligently working on her card to give to our Aunt later on that day. Elizabeth loves to make cards and has a real artistic ability in that area. Our family gets cards from Elizabeth constantly. My dad will get them when he comes home from work, and before he goes to bed. She puts out signs on the door frequently saying welcome back home!!! My dad even got a Valentine's card! :-) Elizabeth is truly the joy of our lives and keeps us all going with her youthful constant encouragement. One night before I went bed, I found a note on my bathroom counter, and this is what the note said, word for word. On the front it said:

Kelly Reminder!
Do not forget to wake me up at 7:00.
It is very important to have time with the Lord.
I love you so much!
Love, Elizabeth

Kathryn decided to make a heart shaped card for my Aunt and wrote John 3:16 on it. When my Aunt got it she was more touched then I had ever seen her before and told Kathryn that that was her favorite verse in the Bible! Thank you Kathryn for being a willing vessel to be used by the Lord to bless my Aunt!

Kathryn's card!

I love my two girls! I hope that this gives all of you some great creative ideas for the holidays!
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Quinn Emery said...

hi girls! i own that same book! don't you just love all the ideas in it? love, quinn


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