Girl's museum day

We enjoyed a full day of it!
We toured the museum and saw a very educational Imax about sea creatures.
I do believe they said that we all once emerged from the ocean and that's why most of us are drawn to the ocean, because we may all return there someday! Well, now we know why Tara loves the ocean so much! :-)
Then we went outside to enjoy a very fun picnic that I prepared the day before.
I think that I way over did it because there was just about everything that you
could ever want to eat.
We certainly did not go hungry! :-)
Unfortunately, we were so involved eating and talking that we forgot to take a picture. :-(
Elizabeth is such a blessing to me and a joy to have with me
whenever! She is my sister, one of my best friends, student, company out shopping,
helper with just about everything and constant encourager.
I love you sweetheart!
We had fun in the gift shop!
Remember girls!
Every girl is like a beautiful butterfly, very pure and delicate,
but if tampered with too much, can become weak and torn up.
It is a good reminder to remain pure and save ourselves emotionally and physically.
We saw oh so many beautiful rocks and gems, rubies and diamonds.
God is so amazing and I was reminded of the fact that He loves beauty and
showing his creation in so many lovely ways.
Our eyes were dazzled with wonder as we gazed at God's magnificent handy work.
We are also like rubies, girls.
Proverbs 31:10
Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.
Kelly Anne



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