Great Adventures Ahead!

Blessings in the Lord to all of you!

Thanks dad for posting our song. It was quite a surprise (shock). My dad said that when he saw the words we posted he started dreaming up the idea. I must say we have never had so many responses! One of the best was a man at church that asked if we had written the song! :) Wow! Wouldn't that be terrific! However mom says she's known the song all of her life, but to a different tune. Someday maybe the Lord will bless us to write beautiful songs like that!

All of us girls are headed off on various adventures today! God has given us some amazing opportunities. We hope to post while we are away and let you know what we are up to!

Let's just say we are all leaving 80 degree weather and trading it in for winter again. In fact the high where I am going was 15 yesterday. I'm not sure I've ever felt that temperature, so this should be exciting. Let's just say I'm leaving my flip-flops at home!

While I'm gone girls, ask your mothers if there's anything you can do to help them today. They will be thrilled! Let me know if any of them aren't! :)

Rejoicing in Him,


Keilah said...

Oh where are you going? :cD


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