Do you notice anything different?

Here it is! I am so happy with how my quilt is taking it's form!
It will go so perfectly in my Queen of Sheba/Ancient Ruins room!
My little Elizabeth Joy and cat Tess decided to pose with me for the picture! Tara, we expect an update on your quilt soon!


What a BEAUTIFUL quilt! I can't wait to see the peacock feathers!! And Tara, I can't wait to see pics of your quilt too - I loved your video! :)

Best Life said...

It's lovely. I look forward to seeing it in person and enjoying all of the deatils. Mrs. P~

S. Bittner said...

Let me guess... it's done?

Kelly R. said...

Hey S. Bittner!
No It's not done! I still have to put the peacock border on.
But it is close! :-)


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