I (Kelly) took Elizabeth and Kathryn to the Houston Museum of Natural Science
It was a great educational and wholesome activity to do with the girls.
In most museums however there is a lot of wrong teaching, such as evolution.
I made sure to explain to the girls that it is wrong and a man made philosophy.
Here is my special friend Kathryn.
She is getting ready to watch something really amazing about to be filmed!
Yes for all of you wondering...this is your new weather meteorologist! :-)
Elizabeth and Kathryn.
They have been really good friends their whole lives
and have known each other since Elizabeth was born.


Shelby L'Rae said...

Hey Tara! This is Shelby Thomas... I met you at Maiden's Quest?

Well.. I think it's really awesome, and I wanted to tell you... my friends and I were at the Houston Museum today too! We were actually evangelising... and passing out literature about Creation...

We went inside the museum and I accidently got in a debate with a PhD in geology about evolution! Thankfully, my friend Payton helped me out... and he did good....

So, yeah... how neat! We were both there and didn't see each other... bummer...

Well, God bless you!

Oh! I'm linking your blog to mine:

God bless!

Juliana said...

Hi Tara! My name is Juliana! I attended one of your Maiden Quest retreats in Houston. I was just wondering if you were at the museum today (2/6/09). We were there passing out some Creation tracts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tara! My name is Juliana. I attended one of your Maiden Quest retreats in Houston. I was wondering if you were at the museum today (2/7/09). We were there passing out creation tracts because today was their Darwin/evolution day. It looks like you all had a lot of fun!

Kelly R. said...

Hello Juliana!
You posted two comments, with two different dates, so I'm a little confused. However, I (Kelly) did go to the Museum with Elizabeth and Kathryn, on February 5th.
What an amazing ministry, passing out tracts at the Museum! Keep up the good work serving our Lord and Savior!

Kelly R. said...

Hi Shelby!
I (Kelly) was actually the one that went to the Museum with Elizabeth and Kathryn on Thursday.
That is so neat that you got to go too. However we missed each other by 2 days. That is so sad. :-(
Praise the Lord that you had the opportunity to get to witness and shine the light of Christ in the Museum! Keep following Him and keep up the good work of sharing Christ with the lost.
Many blessings,

Juliana said...

Hi Kelly!
I'm sorry. I only meant to post once but accidnetely did twice. We were at the museum on the 7th. Just wanted to clear that up. Looks like we were there on different days after all. To bad we missed each other. God bless, Juliana Moore!


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