Kelly's Quilt update! Elizabeth's project!

My quilt is now all sewn together and ready for the borders to be sewn onto it.
I will be sewing them on today! There are two borders that I will be adding.
I will be posting a picture of the aqua border soon! I really like the color we found for the first border.

When we are working on a project, you know for sure that our little one is working on one too! Elizabeth has dreams of sewing quilts for everyone she knows! But for now we are encouraging her to be content with creating pot holders! She chose these beautiful fabrics to make them with. I wish you could have seen all the fun she had up on that railing! Notice what a rough winter we are having. This is the last day of January. Do you have little sisters? Encourage them to sew!
If you don't sew, learn with them!


S. Bittner said...

A++! Looks fabulous!

Kelly R. said...

Thank you S. for the great words of encouragement!:-) Hope you have a wonderful, exciting day!


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